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Two American middle aged men with opposite outlooks forge a new path forward out west. The only problem, its California 2024


our world:

In the sunny playground of Southern California, fate weaves an uproarious tale of unexpected alliances when a quirky group of misfits are thrown together after two out of towners ride in and shake things up in a meeting of era’s, culture, and misguided American freedoms. Get ready for a wild ride of wacky adventures, outrageous pranks, and offbeat camaraderie as this motley crew proves that even the oddest puzzle pieces can create the most epic picture-perfect friendships under the Socal sun!  NACHOS! 



When no luck meets bad luck it can break a man. But Larry’s hair is as silver as the lining he finds to twang a tune and find a saloon. Even though he resist, he loves nothing more than riding shotgun with Leonard & his escapades. Assuming it ends with a plate of cheesy nachos and a beer that is. 



If 70’s classic rock had a mascot, then Leonard’s a backstage all access living legend. This front man lives for the moment & is motivated to help all those he touches see things as happy as he does. Even if his free spirit can be a little devious or misconstrued, it’s guaranteed to change the vibe and set the mood. 


ms. gilfy

What do you give a girl who’s had it all? After a career in marketing and 3 marriages, this vivacious voluptuous hussy of a gal cashed in her social security early. Paired with all that alimony money and Ms. Gilfy has became a little real estate tycoon. How fitting for a boomer to be the unelected mayor that oversees an area filled with such incompetence. Her porch time cigarettes are like a pageant showcase, just don’t ask her to care about the environment.  

tommy the hamster

Why do the smallest things pack the biggest punch sometimes? This hip “ham”ster is a mini heavy weight who will make sure you’re never in doubt,  leaving your pride on the ground when Tommy’s peeks out. His timely honesty is a mirrored reflection. Short, strong, and never wrong!



Hear about the latest new gender? Or the new line of celebrity vagina scented candles? Of course we don’t talk to her about it, send a text to Erica instead! Through all her modern anxiety this self proclaimed LGBT Asian woman has maintained
a home to help support Larry & Leonard as roommates. Providing enough banter for 3 marriages. Just don’t
mention the “Trump” name or it could spell eviction!

Everyone loves Mexican food. Però,  it’s best kept secret? Ice cream! aka Paletas! And no one combines the Californian Mexican spirit con la ice cream better than your friendly Paletero amigo Rodrigo!! The ears and eyes of the streets             to the neighborhood.  You can simply hear his jingling                        cart bells and crisp whistle to know laughter &                                 sweets are only foot steps away!                                                                Chalè jajajajaja 



leroy the spider


Whose silky and fine and always on the line? Leroy the Black widow spider. Hidden up above but swinging down for the get down. This part time dj and full time confidant is guiding you right from sunshine to midnight. An When Leonard needs an ear, then wisdom from the web is here. Providing a vibe, that the streets can recognize.


If blissful ignorance was a food, then your friend Vern would not only eat it, he would be its spokesperson. The fast paced stressful demands of modern life seem to be aloof to this X-box zen master in some circles, half wit degenerate in others. The Unbeknownst sidekick to Bern unknowingly sabotages their missions, with his focus primarily based on his beloved Puddy Pop treat, or anything else that’s dangled in-front of him. 


The heart bleeds mother Russia. But his ego would never reveal his new found love of America. This ex KGB soldier fell with the Berlin Wall, partly due to losing a leg. Bern’s inner conflict is reflected directly at Larry & Leonard, who he deems as arch rivals in a delusional pursuit of neighborhood control and dominance. His rhetoric has only recruited the one person dumb enough to listen, Vern. Little does he know Vern only goes along because Bern’s accent makes him feel like he’s in a movie.


key environment: ms. gilfys house

Key Environments

key environment+props: garbage dump


key environment+props: rodrigo street and bus stop comp


first season episodes

Society has collapsed! Chaos runs a muck! "Aliens" are everywhere! The end of the world right?! Well no, it’s just a tale as old as America about two dudes named Larry n Leonard looking to reinvent themselves out west. In a place some say is stranger than fiction. A place called California.

episode one "once upon a time in the west"

episode two "pacific panhandle"

Trains, trucks and bus stops might have been all the talk for easy bank back home.   But the soil gets spoiled when LNL learns quickly that the Pacific Panhandle comes with a punch! Tip jars and cardboard cutouts just aren’t gonna cut it when local rivals Vern n Bern don’t take kind to the encroachment. Turf politics provide a fast discourse as the boys surf their way into an unlikely friend named Erica who can hopefully offer housing and more. 

episode three "Won't you be, my neighbor”(A Peruvian Mr. Rodgers theme episode)"

Turning in job applications, LNL meet a shaman-like elder gentleman named Mr Ruger whose owned the local candy store “Gummies not Guns” for over 40 years.  After eating some gummies, he proceeds to take them on a magical “barely eye opening” educational tour of the local area that dates back from his arrival in the 1980’s, to current times of the neighborhood and all the people that live in it. 

episode four "gender bender"

LNL’s newly minted landlord and roommate Erica doesn’t just come with socialist ideals but socializing as well. Wanting to stay in good graces the boy’s join her as companions for the recent popular trend of a gender reveal party at her friend “Studius” and his partners house. But confusion unfolds when its revealed the child will be non gender. Word salads of explanations ensue from both sides of reason that would make VP Harris proud. 

episode five "alien dumps"

Larry finds actual alien tech in the DUMP that the government misplaced. Leonard jumps at the chance to profit on it and puts it up for sale on the app “Offer Up.”  The MIB are shocked when they show up to brain zap LNL and confiscate the material. Unthinkable reverse engineering of car sound systems, body manipulations and advanced BBQ’s leave them baffled. While a senile Larry and Leonards potent smoke from Leroy leave the two already clueless as to what just happened. 

Season 1 Episodes

episode six "fresno farming"

Starlets, sunshine and surf in the golden state?  Au contraire! On a new adventure for some quick cash, LNL hitch a job in Fresno with Rodrigo. Learning quickly that there’s far more growing in the central valley than just veggies and nuts! A crash course in agriculture leaves the two cowboys with dirty hands when they find themselves picking for the local cartels in power who have cornered the market on a powdery substance elites can’t live without, pea protein.

episode seven "wacky bio hacky"

Aches and pains won’t stop this train! After getting hurt on the job Larry gets led into the world of bio hacking by Ms Gilfy and Tommy. His new cocktails of stem cells and Testosterone are having surprising results in areas so unexpected it gives him a new lease on life that makes even Leonard jealous! The new pump and swell has Larry’s ego on a path to hell! But once he learns he can’t afford its upkeep his world comes crashing back down to reality that only a pile at the dump can catch. 

episode eight "erica's greenhouse"

Fresh off a climate change convention in Las Vegas, Erica unravels on a green thumb rollercoaster that has her waking up to an eco- warrior cult living in the jungle. After a distress text out to LNL, the boys go full commando to break her out on a simple gunless mission, two chainsaw’s and some social media post of the groups location as a new influencer vacation hotspot. 


episode nine "fans only"

Friday nights just aren’t feeling frisky! As a shortage of people plague the local bar and nightclub scene, LNL finds out everyones gone onto the adult site “Only Fans.”  Joining in on the party a competition unfolds when Ms Gilfy assumes she’s going to take top prize. Only to learn she finishes last behind Tommy’s fur petting, Leonards foot rubs, Vern’s eating display, and Leroy’s silky web spray, oh and Larry’s mustache brushing! Now thats funky not frisky! 

episode ten "leroy's love nest"

We know Leroy’s always down, but no really where is up? Where does the coolest 8 legged lover always swing back up to? In our season finale we get a sneak peek up into the “heavens” as he calls it. Where we're allowed an inside look at a day in the life of not just the web, but the world of Leroy. Follow us as he sits down to share his day to day on managing a nest full of wives, children, and that silky smooth wisdom he always lays upon Leonard. 


comparables animated series

Comparabe Animated Series

who's involved


angelo ciani creator

Angelo Ciani, was birthed in 1982 and raised in San Francisco. Born to midwest and southern parents, this contrast of backgrounds to his environment set the stage for what would become not a clash of culture, but a front row seat in observation and experience by two different America's and the view points that come with them. This bohemian gypsy outlier has finally arisen to share his unique blend of outlook into whats become the animated series show Larry N’ Leonard! Nachos!

kevin riley riley animation studios

Kevin Riley (Owner) of Tampa based Riley Animation Studios, has won a collection of prestigious awards, including 2 Emmy® Awards for “Outstanding Achievement in a Children’s Television Program,” and  “Children/Youth (Under 12) Programming,” as well as a fridgefull of Telly’s, Addy’s, FMPTA’s and other industry awards. Kevin worked as Director on the Discovery Kid’s series “Kenny the Shark,” and  is currently serving as Director of the original animated feature films Neighborhood Pet Watch” (SCFilms), THUMBELINA: WARRIOR OF THE WIND (Conglomerate Media) and CHIPPER MISSISSIPPI; as well as developing several original animated series; while continuing to execute high end animation, design, motion graphics, and Interactive/web/new media design for clients worldwide.

Who's Involved
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